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Dr. Timothy Dawson seeks freelance, contract or permanent employment.

Services available:

Download a copy of Timothy’s Curriculum Vitae (in French), or publications and presentations list.


Saddlery and other historical equestrian products

I have been constructing replica historical saddles since the early 1980s, first building them entirely from scratch, and later adapting modern commercial UP saddles. In recent times I have returned to this activity, developing new and much more sophisticated methods. Please go to Seats of Empire (or Sièges d’Empire) for more information in this business.


An area in which I am an acknowledged world expert is in lamellar armour. My definitive publication on this is Armour Never Wearies: Scale and Lamellar Armour in the West from the Bronze Age to the Nineteenth Century, The History Press, Stroud 2013, which has made the form accessible to many more people. That work grew out of decades reconstructing as well as researching lamellar, and I am happy to make those skills available to people who may, or may not, wish to construct their own.

lamellar armour

Lames for the most common variety of middle Byzantine lamellar (B2r, in use from c.950 to 1204. See the "Field armour of the Rômiosi" in the military category of this website) are available for those who wish to assemble their own. The material is 0.7mm zinc coated steel. As from the works, the finish is not historical, but lightly buffed, the effect is of hand-polished iron which nevertheless retains a resistance to corrosion.
Note that these are a thickness replicating historical examples, not the usual excessive re-enactment weight, and so while you will be impressed by how little the armour weighs, the lames will deform when subject to particularly forceful blows.

The lames are 34mm X 96mm overall, and slightly tapered. A breast and back for 105cm chest plus gambeson requires 500 lames.

A shoulders kit comprising 12 specially shaped and punched lames plus a full sized pattern for the leather base and instructions is available for £20.

Prices (ex-freight)
50 lames
100 lames
200 lames
500 lames
Dished and buffed

Commissions for finished armours will also be accepted.

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