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Articles on theoretical issues and history

The “other Varangians” of the illustrated Skylitzês Chronicle.
Why the pictures of the Madrid manuscript of the Skylitzês Chronicle cannot be relied upon as a Byzantine source.

Re–enacting Varangians:
Its limitations and how it might be done with some degree of validity.

Templar re–enactment: why it is too often wrong
And ways to make it less so.

The “Varangian Rhomphaia”: a Cautionary tale
How popular militaria publishing created a fictitious weapon.

On the supposed “Uniform” of the Varangian Guard
How popular militaria publishing created a fictitious image of a military unit.

What on earth in “Byzantine”
Explains the changes in terminology used on this site.

Academic History & Historical Re–enactment
Discusses the utility of reconstructive and re-enactment methods to elucidating academic research.

Stones & Glasshouses
Addresses the criticisms made of the Society for Creative Anachronism by metal-weapons re-enactors.

Beyond Re–enactment: Rescuing History from Recreation
The systemic problems with re-enactment as a recreational pursuit and how they might be alleviated.

“Middle” of what?
Explains the regional specificity of the expression “Middle Ages”.

Questions about re–enactment
Particular aspects of the representation of history by clubs in Australia.

Historical essays

The Uses of the Varangians