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Forthcoming Publications

‘Political and Diplomatic Ceremonial Dress’ (working title), in Byzantine Dress: A Handbook, edited by Jennifer L. Ball, Taylor & Francis/Routledge


Historical Practices in Horsemanship and Equestrian Sports, Co-edited with Dr Anastasija Ropa. Trivent, Budapest, 2022.

Echoing Hooves: Studies on Horses and their Effects on Medieval Societies, co-edited with Dr Anastasija Ropa, Brill, Leiden 2022.

The Horse in Premodern European Culture, edited with Dr Anastasija Ropa, De Gruyter, Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture 70, 2020. Publisher’s link.

Late Medieval and Early Modern Fight Books: transmission and tradition of Martial Arts in Europe (14th–17th Centuries), edited with Daniel Jaquet, Karin Verelst, E. J. Brill, Leiden 2016. Publisher’s link..

For special orders of the titles below, such as larger quantities, please contact the author. Where savings can be obtained on the shipment of mixed orders, a rebate will made.

By the Emperor’s Hand: court regalia and military dress in the Eastern Roman Empire, Frontline Books, Barnsley 2015.

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Armour Never Wearies: Scale and Lamellar Armour in the West from the Bronze Age to the Nineteenth Century, The History Press, Srtoud 2013.

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Byzantine Cavalryman: Eastern Roman Empire, c.900–1204, Warrior Series, Osprey Publishing 2009.

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Byzantine Infantryman: Eastern Roman Empire, c.900 – 1204, Warrior Series, Osprey Publishing 2007.

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Set of Byzantine Infantryman: Eastern Roman Empire, c.900 – 1204 and Byzantine Cavalryman: Eastern Roman Empire, c.900–1204


Levantia Historical Guides

The Levantia Historical Guides are intended to provide practical assistance to people who want to make items for their historical recreations. The number has declined in recent years in part because further research has discounted some of the contents, and partly as more substantial publications by Timothy Dawson have since provided more and better information. Thus, in place of Guide 8 on lamellar, you are advised to consult Armour Never Wearies: a history of Scale and Lamellar armours in the West from the Bronze Age to the Nineteenth Century, while for much, much more information on clothing and accessories see By the Emperor’s Hand: Court and Military Dress in the Eastern Roman Empire, Pen and Sword Books, 2015. An expanded version of the Greek Dress and Textile Glossary of Guide 7 is also contained in this volume.

The booklets consist of 24 A5 pages with colour and black and white pictures and detailed diagrams explaining how to construct the items discussed to a high level of authenticity.

Number 1

Byzantine dress, Byzantine women’s costume

Number 2

Byzantine dress, Byzantine men’s costume

Number 3

Byzantine dress, Byzantine costume

Number 6

Crusader dress, Crusader costume

Guides are available either as paper copies or as PDF by e-mail

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Purchasers in Britain or Australia have the option the make direct bank payments, while for others there is PayPal. The PayPal ID is levantia@hotmail.com.

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