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 Coming soon: Late Antiquity

  Cultural fusion in dress and equipment.

  Archive:Western Martial Arts.

 Historical equestrian activities.

  Byzantine military parade outfits.

  Field Armour of the Rômiosi.

  Weapons of the Rômiosi.

  Archery in the Roman Empire.

  Weapons of other nations and periods.

  Armour of other nations.


The Uses of the Varangians

The origins of the sabre.

Military / Martial Arts articles available as PDF

‘a Club with an Edge?: what did European swords weigh?’.

‘Trip up his heeles: self defence in Renaissance Europe’.

‘The Walpurgis Fechtbuch: an inheritance of Constantinople?’

‘“Fit for the task”: equipment sizes and the transmission of military lore, sixth to tenth centuries’

‘Klivanion revisited: an evolutionary typology and catalogue of Middle Byzantine lamellar styles’: this paper has been superseded by a book: Armour Never Wearies: scale and lamellar armour in the West from the Bronze Age to the nineteenth century, History Press, 2013, ISBN: 9780752488622.

‘Kremasmata, Kabbadion, Klibanion: Some aspects of middle Byzantine military equipment reconsidered’, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 22, (1998) pp. 38 - 50.


A hypothetical reconstruction of semi-rigid scale armour. (9.5 minutes)

How a near-fatal accident in historical recreation gave insights into combat. (9.75 minutes)

Shooting with the sôlênarion. (0.25 minutes)