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Roman Women



Textile crafts

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Clothing in Rômania* and its neighbours

The research that created these clothes formed part of my doctoral dissertation, which has been published as By the Emperor’s Hand: Court Regalia and Military Dress in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, Frontline Books, Barnsley 2015, available via this website or from other retailers.

Roman women

Crusader states


pdf articles


Men in Rômania, ninth to thirteenth centuries

A monk

Eastern Orthodox monk

The Eparkhos

Byzantine bureaucrat

A junior courtier

Byzantine gentleman

Court undress


Upper class casual wear

Byzantine gentleman

Upper class outer wear

Byzantine gentleman

A typical outfit

Byzantine man

“Sunday Best”

Byzantine man


Byzantine hose

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Women in Rômania, ninth to thirteenth centuries

An Empress

Byzantine Empress

a noblewoman

Byzantine noble woman

a “Good Woman”

Byzantine woman

Typical style

Byzantine headdress

“Ethnic” style

Byzantine woman, Armenian woman

a Dancing Girl


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Outremer and the West


poulaine dress

Crusaders, poulains


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Timothy Dawson has undertaken a major project for a history of Near Eastern clothing from 500—1500 of the common era, to be entitled Squander on your Back. Check back for updates.

Arab Men’s dress

Arab man

Turkish women’s dress

Turkish woman

Turkish men’s dress

Turkish man

headwear and mantles

Islamic headwear

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Articles available as pdf downloads

‘Oriental costumes in the Byzantine Court Reconsidered’, Byzantion 75 (2006)

‘Concerning an unrecognised tunic from eastern Anatolia’, Byzantion, 73/1 (2003), pp. 201-210.

‘Rome II: More than just a sequel’, Skirmish, no. 35 (February/March 2005), pp. 19-20.


a method for tying a turban.

a secure tie for men’s hose.

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