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Rômaic armour

C10th infantry

C10th infantry boots

C10th horse archer

C10th Khoursor

C10th Katafraktos

C12th infantry

C12th Katafraktos

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Composition on Warfare Infantry boots

Byzantine army boots

The mouzakia shown on the footsoldier and the horse archer were not regarded as the ideal infantry boot by the author of the Composition on Warfare (or as it is traditionally called in Latin, Precepta Militaria). His first choice was thigh boots which were to be folded down to allow ease of movement on the march. The construction of these boots is based upon an eleventh century icon.1
Here the boots are worn with padded hose, kampotouva.

For more information see the author’s volume Byzantine Infantryman: Eastern Roman Empire, c.900 - 1204,Osprey Publishing, Stroud 2007.


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