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Articles on Theoretical Issues

The “other Varangians” of the illustrated Skylitzês Chronicle.
Why the pictures of the Madrid manuscript of the Skylitzês Chronicle cannot be relied upon as a Byzantine source.

Re-enacting Varangians:
Its limitations and how it might be done with some degree of validity.

Templar re-enactment: why it is too often wrong
And ways to make it less so.

The “Varangian Rhomphaia”: a Cautionary tale
How popular militaria publishing created a fictitious weapon.

On the supposed “Uniform” of the Varangian Guard
How popular militaria publishing created a fictitious image of a military unit.

What on earth in “Byzantine”
Explains the changes in terminology used on this site.

Academic History & Historical Re-enactment
Discusses the utility of reconstructive and re-enactment methods to elucidating academic research.

Stones & Glasshouses
Addresses the criticisms made of the Society for Creative Anachronism by metal-weapons re-enactors.

Beyond Re-enactment: Rescuing History from Recreation
The systemic problems with re-enactment as a recreational pursuit and how they might be alleviated.

“Middle” of what?
Explains the regional specificity of the expression “middle ages”.

Questions about re-enactment
Particular aspects of the representation of history by clubs in Australia.

Historical essays

The Uses of the Varangians